About Project 444

God has blessed us, and in turn, we want to turn around and bless others.


Project 444 has a heart to serve and help those in need while sharing the love of Jesus Christ.


Project 444 is a collective of individuals who have overcome adversity through hard work, perseverance, and the grace of God, and now want to turn around and be used by God as a provision for others.


Those involved with Project 444 seek to be the catalyst to bring together other like-minded people to give back to those who are in their current time of need and experiencing hardship.

How it started

Project 444 started by faith with one person's desire and vision to make a difference and a belief that God's guiding hands would pave the path and make the way for the "how". With blessing others always weighing heavy on the heart and feeling the heavy burden of others who are experiencing what we have experienced, Project 444 was a natural fit for all of those who are involved.

Project 444 was founded by Vince Giglio and was quickly launched with the help of others who felt the same vision he had; that feeling of "there's more to my life than this" and always being blessed more by giving than receiving. Put simply, Project 444 was started because we have a desire to help others in their time of need, while answering the call Jesus has on our lives.

A Message From The Founder Vince

God has blessed me beyond what I deserve. Why? I ask myself this frequently, and have for many years. I'll save the details for a conversation at a later point, but my heart for this foundation would best be explained by sharing a bit about myself with you.

I started out in a lower income family in the City of Rochester NY back in the 1960's, with parents who struggled to give all four of us the best that they could afford, but ensured all our basic needs were met. My parents were typical old school Italian parents who taught right from wrong and never missed Catholic mass on Sunday. 

As I look back on those years of struggle and hardships, there was one "constant" with our family. That constant, was the abundance of love. While there were financial struggles, we never lacked love from with in our family. What a gift we were given while growing up.

We didn't have all the things the rest of the kids had like the newest toys or clothes, but what strikes me so deeply is the love and grace my parents shared with us. I consider myself very blessed to have had that, as it is not so true for many others in this world we live in. It continues to humble me daily.

As I look back and reflect on the past, everything that has happened in my life has prepared me for the "what's next to come" part of my life. There were many times in my life I continued to ask God "WHY?"... "Why THIS?", "How come THIS happened?". If you've ever experienced hardship, you probably know this feeling.

Through all the strife, through all of the the pain and even through the good times, it all started to become more clear. 

My Pastor Dave Tomasso at Calvary Chapel Westside said in a sermon a few years ago "What do you mean God doesn't give you more than you can handle? I think sometimes God give us more than we can handle so we LOOK UP!"

God wasn't just letting me endure hardship and struggles in vain. God was teaching me and drawing me closer and closer to Him. Through all of the struggles, especially as life went on, a constant theme was "be still my child and listen to my voice." 

Now, that's easier said that done and I haven't always stayed the faithful course through the years, but we all know those truths we hang on to that we strive to focus on and eventually reflect back on as what got us through!

Throughout my life, I've had to ask myself "what truly makes me happy?" Besides God and family, there was and is only one other thing.... helping others in one form or another. With this understanding, faith, much prayer, family and a couple of great friends, whom all share the same passion as I do for helping others, Project 444 was born.